Jo Caleb

Outstanding young seven-string guitarist leads his own trio - intellectual, inspired and refreshingly creative. "This studious-looking and reticent young guitarist is clearly about to snap at the heels of the UK jazz-guitar generation before him, which includes Mike Walker, Phil Robson and Mike Outram." John Fordham, The Guardian Jo Caleb is one of the few professional 7-string guitarists in the UK. He is an experienced solo guitarist with a huge solo repertoire. Because of this, he has become a fine accompanist for vocalists, saxophonists and other solo instruments - due in part to the extra bass string which allows him to add a warm depth to his music, but undoubtedly the result of his attentive ear, creative chordal playing and considerate accompanying. As a band leader, Jo performs typically with a trio or quartet, preferring the expressive environment frequently associated with smaller jazz bands. Jo is married to Lisa a fine jazz Singer with a great future.
Jo continually searches and strives for the perfect chord to blend in with the lead soloist's direction as they explore the harmonics of a Number. He moves effortlessly between finger and pick styles and can soar during his solos. Don't be fooled by his youthful appearance - he has a wealth of experience to impart to his audience.